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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 7, 2009 11:00am-1:00pm EST

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into a tunnel. bill: he wants to collaborate with susan boyle because she is thot. in the sense that her music is thot. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute jon: good morning. i am jon scott. our top military commander and are leading diplomat are heading to the white house. they will sit down with the president this afternoon. they are there to discuss the new war strategy for afghanistan, which includes an influx of 30,000 more american troops. major garrett is at the white house with a preview. there seems to be a lot of confusion as to the july 11
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date. is that any clearer? >> no, it is not. david petraeus, robert gates, and secretary clinton were on a variety of sunday shows. if you take all the answers together, you find one word that comes up all over and over. is it a fixed deadline? u.s. forces will begin to pull out. in the minds of some, yes. in the minds of others, not necessarily. the one thing that we do know is that in december of 2010, the president will order a top- bottom review of his new afghanistan strategy to evaluate how successful the military campaign has been on the ground, how successful governance issues have been, is the afghan government less corrupt, is
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there more economic development going on. if those goals are being met, possibly by july 2011, u.s. troops could be pulled out more rapidly. even at some point after july 2011 when those 30,000 combat forces are out, there will still be residual forces in afghanistan long after that. it is not as if there will not be any u.s. forces left in afghanistan. there certainly will be. jon: what about getting them in? what are they supposed to get their? >> it is 30,000 combat troops and up to four thousand combat troops. the real number could be 34,003 robert gibbs told us at the white house that some of the combat forces will not arrive until late summer. they may not alt make that may
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deadline. most will be there by may, but not all. about the 7000 additional troops that have been offered by nato nations, they will try to get there by spring. getting there is not really the same thing as fighting ready. all the individual nato countries putting these troops into afghanistan, the white house acknowledges, will decide for themselves what the rules of engagement are. for many of those countries, they're there to offer support, training of police and army, but not necessarily engage in the heaards fighting the u.s. combat forces will be involved in. jon: what about when it comes to the economy? tarp funds are likely to be part of the president's speech? >> one of the president's top economists said the president thinks it's a good idea to look at on used tarp funds.
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today the white house disclosed that based on all its calculations, the original target price, $341 billion, will not be what it will be pitted will be about $200 billion less than that. that means there will be leftover money. republicans in congress say that there's any money left over, and moscow to reduce the federal debt. the white house and congressional democrats want to pay for a jobs legislation that the president will propose tomorrow. they want to tap that tarp to pay for it. jon: major garrett live at the white house. patti ann: an armed and dangerous escaped prisoner is captured after one week on the run in texas. harris faulkner has the details from our breaking news desk. >> officers cornered him in an
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area outside of houston between two buildings. they got their man. just last monday, we were telling you about his escape and how he was in a wheelchair, overpowering two officers who were transferring him to another prison facility. he is a life in prison for aggravated sexual assault. he pulled a gun on those officers, and somehow got their weapons away, and made them drive him to eight locatia loca, handcuffed the two officers, and then got away. this is a man they saw needed a wheelchair to get around pri apparently, he got up and ran away. after one week of searching for him, a high intensity manhunt is coming to an end just a couple of hours ago. police were able to capture him.
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he was in prison for life for a violent crime. the area of houston was put on alert when he went missing. now they have their man. back to you. jon: thank you very much. two navy seals appearing in military court on charges they mistreated a suspect suspected of involvement in the brutal murders of four civilian contractors in iraq. he is charged with assault, dereliction of duty, and making a false statement. he is accused of dereliction of duty and making a false statement. a third seal is to be arraigned at a later date. tell us more about what is going on here. >> to give you some official background, this case began in september when evidenced emerged of possible detainee abuse at an
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operating base in iraq. that is when the naval criminal investigative service uncovered evidence that one of the three seals is accused of punching the man in the face after the seals arrested him. the other two are accused of giving a false statement. he is believed to be the mastermind of the ambush that killed four black watwater contractors in 2004. he now accuses the seals of giving him a fat lips. jon: what happened during the arraignment? >> one was postponed. the two that were in court today, he pleaded not guilty. his civilian attorney says she is very confident her client will be found not guilty of all the charges.
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we are getting this information from are stationed there, wavy- tv. the cases have been scheduled for trial in january. matthew mccabe said, "i did not assault or see anyone assault mr." and this is blacked out. they could have chosen not to go out through a court martial, but they want to be on record that they did nothing wrong. jon: so that is why they did it this way? >> absolutely. you're getting this from one of our colleagues in atlanta. these seals shows court-
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martials. they could have chosen a captain's mast. however, that would have been an admission of guilt. they chose court-martial to have a chance of telling their side and in order to clear their names. jon: thank you. patti ann: the senate is getting back to work on overhauling health care pauline president obama's visit to capitol hill. democrats are considering a new proposal to put the federal office of personnel management in charge of a new national plan. it would use the health plan for federal workers as a model. today they are debating an amendment that would restrict federal funding for abortion. majority leader harry reid says it appears the senate may be working on this again next weekend. we will have more on health care later in the show. jon: a violent outbreak of anti- government protests on the streets of tehran. this is believed to be new
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amateur video outside tehran university. it is all part of a day of nationwide student demonstrations. thousands of protesters are chanting "death to the dictator." we'll have more on this later on. patti ann: riots continue in greece. protesters smashed store windows, set cars on fire, and threw rocks at police. demonstrations began over the weekend to mark one year since police shot and killed a 15- year-old boy. the shooting triggered rioting that stretch from for two weeks in some cities. today, it was 3000 people. police used teargas to break up the crowd. hundreds are under arrest. jon: in baghdad, a deadly attack at a school for boys. an explosion just outside the school has killed several
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people. most of them are said to be children. this as iraqi lawmakers are meeting to consider postponing the national elections. dominick, what is the latest? >> we have a count of nine people dead. most of those are children brit is believed about one or two teachers were killed a total of 41 others were injured. some of whom are expected to not survive. this comes less than 24 hours after the iraqi parliament agreed a hard-fought election law, whereby we have elections company as early as february 27. we are now beginning to believe that could be a later date. that could have political ramifications. jon: how much with an attack like this be politically motivated given the fact that there's finally a date set for the elections? >> there are many groups in
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iraq that would like to see instability continue. often terrorist groups thrive during instability. this is an example of the kind of attack one could expect. the u.s. military says its greatest concern is an increase in violence. they say they're prepared for that. the iraqi authorities and security forces are also trained for that. they do not believe they will be able to contain such a scale that could happen between now and the voting. jon: thank you. patti ann: many parts of the country are seen their first snow of the season. we have two major snow storm systems today. even some parts of california that rarely see snow. jon: marking the day that will live in infamy, honoring those who died. 68 years ago this morning the bombs fell on pearl harbor and america was pulled into world
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war ii. we will remember that day next.
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jon: a very somber ceremony at the national world war ii memorial this morning taking place at 70 3:00 a.m., the precise moment japanese fighters began dropping bombs on u.s. ships at pearl harbor. it was the day america was drawn into world war ii. events around the country today in honor of those who died. the attack left more than 2000 dead. four battleships sunk, including the uss arizona. the arizona remains in that spot, it's sailors buried in a watery grave. ede our nation will never forget. patti ann: they're getting the sand and the shovels ready in
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parts of the midwest. a powerful winter storm is headed to wisconsin tomorrow. forecasters are predicting up to 12 inches in some areas. janice dean. >> this is the first storm we are watching, affecting the eastern third of the country. this will not be the major event. the major event is taking shape right now across california in the four corners. look at the rain and snow. some areas of central california could see a rare snow event. sacramento, you are currently under a winter storm warning. you could see snow for the first time in 30 years. there's also heavy snow across the four corners. north of phoenix, we could see two to 3 inches of rain. in sacramento, it is currently 36 degrees.
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we are predicting a rain and snow mix. rain and snow easily in some cases -- 6 to 12 inches of snow. this will affect much of the country. not only snow, but the risk of severe weather across the gulf coast regions as it moves into the midwest, and then the precipitation accumulation over the next 48 hours across the midwest and the central plains. anywhere from 6 inches to 12 inches. some isolated areas of 24 inches of snow. we also have blizzard warnings for all of the four corners -- colorado, utah, new mexico, and arizona. this will be a big storm affecting a widespread area. we will keep you covered. back to you. patti ann: thank you. jon: the senate debating the
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fate of your future healthcare. we have a fair and balanced debate on what the senate is arguing about. patti ann: a robber in california might want to lose a few pounds before his nesnext higheseist. we have the details next.
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>> i am harris faulkner, and you are looking right outside the lincoln tunnel. a huge big rig carrying a lot of steel has toppled over. traffic is a nightmare. some of the lanes are now closed.
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coming in and out of new york city and new jersey is really a nightmare for those people who live near here. they're trying to get the steel cleaned up. it is hard to believe that the driver was not trapped at any point. we are told he was never dropped. a miracle in that sense, but a big mess. it could have been worse. back to you. jon: harris faulkner, thank you. democrats are exploring a potential new compromise on health care legislation, giving the federal office of personnel management control of rayno national health plan. pro-life senators plan to introduce an amendment to restrict federal funding for abortion. that's the latest on what is the one on four proposals for health care reform and the u.s. senate. let's talk about it with maria and rick tyler.
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rick, bring us up to date on where this stands right now. they are arguing over federal funding of abortion, and also the office of personnel management idea. >> thise stupac amendment -- everyone agrees -- federal tax money cannot go toward elected abortions. it is included in rape, incest, and the life of the mother. ben nelson is trying to put that in the bill. this is the only path in which this bill will pass. the democrats on the left sort of have to join with the pro- life republicans to get this bill passed. some of them have threatened to filibuster the bill. in the end, they will filibuster their own bill, or it will not pass. there 1 is fine with me. jon: maria, i am sure that you
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disagree. >> absolutely. the nelson's amendment and the stupak amendment do not mirror the hyde amendment. this amendment would bar private insurance plans from offering abortion coverage, and it would keep millions of american women from buying that coverage, even if they buy it with their own money. it is not the current status quo and it is absolutely dangerous. i do not think it will pass in the senate. jon: rick, how do you characterize it? >> it is not a characterization. it is clear. only affects the insurance exchange that you mentioned earlier. it is like a travelocity or
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expedia exchange where people would buy insurance. has nothing to do with private insurance. people have abortion coverage now would have the same after this bill. it has nothing to do with that. all it has to do with is this very narrow exchange for people who receive health care subsidies. jon: let's sort of cut to the chase. do you think that the senate will have to pass some kind of language that allows for abortion? >> i think the senate will do what it currently has, which is the compromise, which does mirror the amendment. the senate is a much more moderate body, much more pro- choice, and i think that millions of american women deserve to have their health care coverage in tax. the health insurance exchange is exactly the vehicle that millions of american women are
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going to look for because they truly cannot get health coverage on the private market. if you are a woman who wants to buy private health insurance, and that private health insurance is offered on the exchange, and you want to pay your own money, you cannot do that under the stupak amendment. jon: isn't it the case that senator ben nelson is heavily involved in this issue? the democrats may not get his vote if this does not swing the way he wanted to come in which case democrats are going after republican olympia snowe. will they pick up her vote in place of his? >> i suppose they could. i think the democrats have checkmated themselves. this is a very unpopular bill. this bill, on page 117, has a
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title -- situations in which abortions would be covered under this plan. suppose i have money on my left pocket and money in my right pocket. we will only pay for abortions in the money on my left pocket, even though it is all my money. that is taxpayer money. that is not acceptable. the hyde amendment went against that. jon: maria, are democrats going to get ben nelson's vote? >> democrats are overwhelmingly united and committed to passing health-care insurance reform. for the american people. that is what the american people want to read it will be the republicans who have failed american families and american businesses if they are seen as a party that is keeping this from happening. jon: thank you, both.
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patti ann: surveillance video out of california shows a burglary almost foiled by the man's own body. he tries to slip into a san diego office through the ceiling. he gets stuck halfway through. the building is currently under construction. luckily for the bad guy, all of his squirmy it paid off through he was able to free himself, and then he stole what he could and took off. in the end, he did get away. police are searching for this husky suspect. jon: a day of massive protests across iran. we believe this is authentic amateur video of students in tehran shouting "death to the dictator." what is behind today's demonstrations, next.
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patti ann: what some describe as the most important climate change conference in history is kicking off today in copenhagen. diplomats from 192 nations are attending the event. some controversial e-mails are casting a shadow over the event. the president of the conference
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says the scandal does not change the challenges we all face. >> if we are to become 9 billion people by the middle of this century, we better find it more intelligence ways. even skeptics must acknowledge that is a tremendous challenge. patti ann: president obama will meet with former vice president al gore today as he prepares for his appearance in copenhagen. the former vice president won the nobel peace prize in 2007. president obama is also meeting on wednesday with environmental leaders and u.s. business leaders to discuss climate change. jon: the department of state, washington, d.c., hillary clinton unveiling the official portrait of general colin powell. his official secretary of state
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portrait being unveiled. he went on to rise to the height of power in this country. he is honored at the state department. patti ann: a violent crackdown on the latest demonstrations in iran. students clashed with riot police. this is believed to be new amateur video from outside tehran university. thousands of students staging protests against the government. the director of the international campaign for human rights in iran, thank you for joining us prehominid people are believed to be protesting across iran? >> today, there were thousands of people on university campuses. the police did not let them merge into one large protest. i would estimate tens of thousands of people were out today.
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patti ann: is it over? >> not at all to digest talked to -- not at all. there are large numbers of security forces out there preventing people from making mom large protest. it is still going on. it will continue to go on in the coming weeks. patti ann: of violence was the crackdown? >> it was very violent. there arwary number of reports f teargas being used. there was beatings going on as well as the use of plastic bullets. patti ann: tehran shut down cell phones. they also hung large banners to block any views of all was going
11:37 am
on. foreign journalists were told the press privileges were suspended for three days. what does this media blackout indicate? >> it shows how fearful they are of information getting to the outside world. the civil rights movement in iran -- the reality is that it continues to go on. patti ann: protesters are opposed to the supreme leadership, and also what they say -- what statements have these two leaders made specifically? >> they have been very frustrated to see the six months after the election, the challenges to their rule is not endangered every time we have a
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protest, they threatened anyone who participates is a tra itor. it looks like their threats are not really working. time, people continue to make their demands clear. patti ann: what are their specific demands? >> their specific demands are fundamental rights, freedom of assembly, freedom of expression, release of political prisoners, have been basic aspectaccess to information, ang able to participate in the political process. they are standing up to dictatorship and an emerging military takeover of the country. patti ann: we will have to leave it there. thank you very much. jon: this is a fox news alert. breaking news regarding the 49- year-old chicago man who has been charged in connection with planning an attack on a danish newspaper.
11:39 am
according to the justice department, he has also been charged with surveiling or participated in planning for those attacks in mumbai that killed 170 people. he is now charged in another big terrorism case. he had already been facing charges in connection with planning an attack on a danish newspaper. federal authorities say that he was involved in conducting surveillance operations on those high anend mumbai hotels that were attacked in the bloody siege that went on for more than one day. the 49-year-old american from chicago is now trying connection with those attacks. we'll have more straight ahead on "happening now." patti ann: what could be a financial windfall is making waves in washington.
11:40 am
in august, the treasury said it expected to lose $341 billion from its program to bail out american banks. now it is trimming that loss estimate by two hundred billion dollars. democrats now want to spend to that found money to create more jobs. fiscal conservatives say it should go toward cutting the deficit. rich edson, how much tarp are we? ? >> congress gave the sun administration and hundred billion dollars in spending authority. most of it is still locked up in banks and automaker's. so far, the banks have repaid $70 billion. bank of america says it will repay its $45 billion loan. treasury still has about $140 billion it has never touched. that leaves it with $255 billion. patti ann: what do democrats want to do? >> democrats are calling this a
11:41 am
jobs bill. they want more money to build highway infrastructure and to pay for green' job creation, and deficit restrictioproductio. republicans argue that the money should stay in the treasury. patti ann: thank you. jon: we are on the job hunt as millions of americans look for help to nail down a neuw job. help to nail down a neuw job. at a library in carrollton,
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texas. >> good morning to you. the library director here in the city of carrollton, tell us why you're doing here to help people find jobs. >> we are connecting our customers with many kinds of resources, whether it be books, a computer class, or using our computer access. we have added to our collection of books. we have electronic resources. we have just launched a new product called resume maker, which allows our customers to really go into the database.
11:43 am
there are video interviews. there are templates on how to do resumes and cover letters. >> some of the books we see -- you name it, they have it in the city of carrollton. at libraries across the country, it is free to use the internet. it is a valuable resource for those looking for jobs. back to you. jon: thank you. we have a great new feature on you will find our new interactive map. each day, fox news correspondents will uncover new opportunities and challenges that americans face as they had to work or search for new jobs. click on the map to see places that fox has visited. patti ann: new details in the manhunt for a florida man wanted for gunning down four of his own relatives on thanksgiving day,
11:44 am
including his 6-year-old cousin. why authorities now believe the horrible massacre was carefully planned.
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jon: now to the manhunt for suspect in the murders of four members of his own family on thanksgiving. the fbi is now joining the search for the man, who has not been seen since he allegedly opened fire at a holiday dinner on the exhibit in jupiter, florida. he killed his twin sisters, his aunt, and a 6-year-old cousin. there are signs that he planned the attack and is a stable in advance. the jupiter police sgt joins us on the phone. what are the indications that this was not a spur of the moment prime? >> we recently released video of the man at two locations, one at a gun store, and one at a
11:48 am
sporting goods shop, where he was seen purchasing ammunition and weapons, as well as a self for the car dealership where he was seen service in his vehicle the day before the shooting. jon: the gunshop video was taken a couple of days before the shooting? >> it was the day before to the sporting goods store was two days prior. that leads us to believe that this was premeditated, well- planned, and thought out on his part. jon: there are reports that he withdrew a large amount of cash, and his passport before the shootings. is it possible that he has made it out of the country? >> at this time, we do not have any definitive information that leads us to believe that he has left the country. we are actively searching anywhere and everywhere.
11:49 am
as you mentioned, we have the assistance from the fbi. jon: is that because this could be an international case? >> it very well could be. this was aired on "america's most wanted" over the weekend. following some tips that we received as a result of that. jon: there's a car that you are looking for that we have the description of three we will put it on the screen now. are there any other tips? here is the description. any other tips that you want people to be aware of? >> we're in the process of disseminating a flier throughout the state. other than the fact that we strongly suggest that the public visit our web site, the jupiter police department website, to view these videos, to view a
11:50 am
physical description of paul merhige. there's also a criminal profile of him. jon: thank you very much for being with us. patti ann: another high-flying ventured for the man behind a version airlines -- virgin airlines. >> could be a giant leap for commercial space travel. that story is coming up next. . ree r thevla
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jon: a fox news alert. an american arrested and charged in connection with those mumbai terror attacks. he has been in the news a lot lately. he was arrested in october and
11:54 am
charged in connection with planning to attack a danish newspaper, the same newspaper that had published so-called on flattering cartoons of the prophet mohammed. authorities got to digging in those charges in that case, and they found that he had spent an awful lot of time in mumbai, india, and just now, patrick fitzgerald, the well on an aggressive chicago prosecutor, has charged this guy with six counts of murder, murder of the americans who were killed in those attacks in november 2008. the charges continued to grow. the only american charged in connection with the mumbai attacks. patti ann: virgin galactic is about to unveil its spaceship2 later today. the project has been burned " by british millionaire sir richard branson. adam is live in california --
11:55 am
the project has been bankrolled. >> they're going to start taking it out and doing some test flights tomorrow. they hope to have some people up in it by 2011, people who paid up to $200,000 to go on the first commercial flight into space. patti ann: that does not even sound expensive for that, not that i could do it anyway. >> you could do it. you have the big cash. they say it is going to be very safe. they are starting tests tomorrow, and we asked branson about that. he says he's going to be on the first flight with his father and kids. >> before we have anybody up, especially my children, we will have tested this many, many, many, many times. and we want to be absolutely sure that anybody flying on virgin galactic is safe.
11:56 am
>> the unveiling today. the testing will take place from this is put in mexico. that is where this will take off and land from everything goes as planned in 2011. patti ann: thanks. jon: now, it appears there is a long tradition of great crashing at the white house. you know all about this couple, alleged to have crashed the president's first state dinner, but you will not believe how many other security breaches there have been at 1600 pennsylvania avenue.
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jon: u.s. federal prosecutors have charged a chicago man in connection with last year's deadly terrorist attack in mumbai. catherine herridge live on in washington with some breaking news on this. what do we know about this guy? >> he was initially picked up in october of this year, and the allegation was he was planning
12:00 pm
to bomb a pakistani newspaper and two of its employees. federal authorities learned of his connection to mumbai, and he has authorized the justice department that he is now cooperating in their ongoing investigations and also the danish case. jon: what charges does he face now? >> he is accused of conducting surveillance for the mumbai attacks. according to the justice department, he made five extended trips to mumbai, and each of these trips, he took pictures and video tape of targets, including those paid in the attacks. he now faces a tax of conspiring to bomb public buildings in india -- he now faces charges of conspiring to bomb public buildings in india. so far, he is the only american charge in connection to mumbai. jon: pretty significant development here. give us some context. >> he is a member of a group called lt, -- le4t, the group
12:01 pm
that -- let, the group that claimed irresponsibility for mumbai. not only them, but you will recall from our reporting over the last year, americans in minneapolis traveling to somalia, so now, we have at least two groups were american's alleged to have been involved in their activities. jon: thank you. >> you are welcome. jon: plenty of other news to bring you today. the leaders of nearly 200 nations are gathering in copenhagen right now for a historic summit, trying to come up with some kind of global agreement on climate change, and
12:02 pm
there already are some hot topics on the table. patti ann: a critical votes it to happen on the health care bill. senators deciding on a controversial abortion measure that could derail the legislation. jon: and new warnings about one of the hottest toys of the holiday season. could the zhu zhu be hazardous to your child's health? patti ann: a new report out today raising more questions about white house security. the "washington post" reports there have been at least 91 breaches since 1980, including some significant failures by the secret service. let's talk about some of the details we are learning now from this secret service report. >> this report goes back to 1980 through 2003 and looks at some of the violations of secret service security over the years. what the secret service would want you to know is that since 2001, there has been one breach of security here at the white
12:03 pm
house other than the salahis getting into that state dinner several weeks ago, so what they want you to know is that they have really tighten things up over the years and that this document has essentially provided a training tool for a secret service to look at some of the problems that have happened since 1980 and what they have done to in effect correct things over the years. patti ann: what is the secret service saying about the document? >> i talked to a spokesman for the secret service, and he says "this document reflects a collective attempt to evaluate our security and obviously raise the awareness of the uniformed division officers and agents about their jobs. we have to be concerned about the threats to our protectees at all times." want folks to know that they have taken a lot of corrective measures over the years. they have improving since 1980, so they say some of those early breaches would not happen today. patti ann: what are some of the
12:04 pm
more famous incidents in this report? >> one i have not heard about before was a family in a minivan essentially coming up to the gate and being weighed in to the white house, so they drove right up, but some of the others are in 1994 small plane crashed on the south lawn where the pilot had died, and in 2005, when president bush was in georgia, a hand grenade was thrown at this stage from a distance away, so those are some of the more famous ones that have come up in recent years. patti ann: thanks. jon: now, to the senate battle over your health care. after yesterday's presidential peptalk and some intense closed- door negotiations, senators are dealing with the controversial issue of abortion today. and gen angle is live in our d.c. bureau with more on that. what exactly are now arguing about?
12:05 pm
>> it is very similar to the debate we had in the house. senators want to preclude anyone who gets federal subsidies from using them to buy abortions or coverage for abortions. that is the same effort that speaker pelosi allowed to come to a vote in the house. that is a major complication because the senate majority leader needs every last democratic vote to pass health care reform and many on the other side, the abortion rights groups of congress, about to oppose any legislation with the stipulation in it. the same is true, by the way, on the issue of a government-run plan, the so-called public option, which some democrats say they would not support, which means there will muddy the necessary 60 votes. jon: the senate worked on health care all weekend long. where are we in this debate? >> today, they are talking about reductions in medicare spending. medicare is headed for insolvency. almost half the money for health care reform comes from what are
12:06 pm
called savings in medicare. today, senator judd gregg, a republican, proposed on the face of it sounds like a no-brainer -- no medicare funds [unintelligible] >> this a minute passed will have the force of law behind it and be structured in a way that the money cannot be taken out of medicare it is going to be used for the purposes of funding the new programs in this bill, whether the retirement programs for people who are not seniors, this expansion of entitlement, or whether there are for the purposes of getting votes to pass the bill. >> democrats are counting on using the money taken from medicare for many other purposes, including subsidizing premiums for the uninsured and creating a new entitlement for the disabled. democratic senator max baucus acknowledge that, even criticizing the greg a minute. -- amendment. >> it is designed to prevent
12:07 pm
health care reform from taking effect. it is a killer amendment, health care reform from taking effect. >> there are lots of issues to wade through before the senate gets close to voting on a final bill. jon: thanks. patti ann: the obama administration is launching a new effort today, pushing americans to get the h1n1 vaccine. >> expect and mothers, children, and young adults are especially -- patti ann: the public service announcements are called "fighting the flu." the target kids, parents, and high risk groups like people with asthma and year after a shortage of the vaccine last month, officials say they now have 7 million doses on hand, and another 10 million are expected later this week. jon: the u.s. marines and afghan security forces find a huge stash of weapons in afghanistan's most dangerous areas. we will of the two straight ahead on operation: cobra's anger . .
12:08 pm
12:09 pm
12:10 pm
12:11 pm
jon: today is an official day of mourning in russia for 112 people killed in a nightclub fire. more than 120 others are being treated for injuries. the firefighters had apparently started by an unlicensed pyrotechnics display inside the club -- the fire friday night apparently started by an unlicensed pyrotechnics display. president medvedev said those responsible for the fires could base the maximum punishment. patti ann: u.s. marines and afghan security forces taking part in operation cobra is anchored uncovered a large weapons cash as 28 nations are expected to approve a pledge to send in another 7000 troops. in addition to the surge of 30,000 u.s. troops present -- promised by president obama. steve is live at the pentagon. what is the goal of that
12:12 pm
operation? >> they are moving in their preparing seven afghanistan, which is a stronghold for the taliban, preparing for the surge in interest that will be coming in. there are going in and rounding out the remaining taliban who are in their. this is an operation mainly to cut off the fire lines, especially explosives, and i have found caches of weapons and explosive materials that could be used in this improvised explosive devices that are so troublesome and so deadly for u.s. and nato troops down there, so that operation continuing down there, and we now have word that seven suspected taliban enemies have been killed in an operation that has been going on for the past couple of days. patti ann: what are we learning about the deployment of the new surge forces today? >> there will be going into just this area.
12:13 pm
south of afghanistan with the taliban still are very active and basically control the whole area. so that is where we are going to target the troops, and we are hearing that the first 7700 will be coming this month and early in the spring. they are marines. 1500 will begin later this month, and it will be the very first of the 30,000 surge troops. in the spring, 3400 from the port of new york, and that is the 10th mountain division, and 4100 additional support troops, so they are starting to move. they could be there by christmas, some of the first ones. patti ann: what about the new nato troops? when will they be going to afghanistan? >> nato on friday pledged 7000 additional troops. there is a nato headquarters near brussels where they will confirm and finalize that, so we will wait and see exactly what they say. we heard friday it would be 25
12:14 pm
different nations, and u.s. officials say they are hopeful that in coming months, even more additional nato troops would be joining the u.s. surged, but for now, we will have to wait and see what nato says about this latest commitment, and, of course, the u.s. can use all the help they can get. president obama has said he would appreciate 10,000 additional nato troops, so we will see if we get that. patti ann: thank you. jon: the largest climate change conference in history opened today in copenhagen, denmark. the top issue on the agenda -- striking a deal that provides aid to developing countries so they can grow their economies while contributing less to the possibility of global warming. wendell is live for us in copenhagen. what is happening? >> the conference has just begun, stressing the importance of the problem. to a certain extent, the u.s. versus europe.
12:15 pm
what we are looking for is something less than a treaty, something more than a promise that will involve the developed world like the united states reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and the developing world reducing the rate of increase of greenhouse gas emissions. president promising a cut of 17% in u.s. greenhouse gas emissions at europe's climate delegations, said he would be surprised if mr. obama's not increase that when he gets here sometime late next week. there will also be a to the developing world -- aid to the developing world to help grow their economies in a greater manner. what is being discussed right now is something on the order of $10 billion a year, but at least in the u.s., there are serious reservations about committing that kind of money and questions about who would actually distributed. the united nations, with its history of corruption, there are many skeptics reluctant in the united states to entrust the united nations with something on the order of $100 billion over
12:16 pm
the next decade. also having an impact here, officials do not want to believe so, is the east anglia e-mail scandal. university served as the main data collectors for the panel on climate change. the u.s. delegate to this conference says he believes that the e-mails of with their suggestion of data manipulation and suppression of dissenting views will have no impact on this conference, but that may well be wishful thinking. critics of the climate change agreement will certainly use this to do so, it really plays into the hands of critics in the united states most of all. blinder, polls show 90% of the population believe that climate change is a serious problem. 60% believe that there is economic gain to be made from, but in the united states, nearly half the public believes climate change is a serious problem, and few people expect economic gain to be made from it. some of the leader trying to use the mouse to assure that any climate change agreement would
12:17 pm
be all pain and no gain. jon: you have some fireworks to cover, i suspect. patti ann: new round of fierce debate on the senate floor. lawmakers expected to vote on a controversial abortion amendment. could it didn't the passage of the bill?
12:18 pm
12:19 pm
12:20 pm
>> it is not often you see pictures like this and you do not hear of someone being trapped inside. we checked on the situation. the area sits on the hudson, and you literally can see the empire state building from where this accident has happened. an amazing thing. this big as a traveling along here, going into the tunnel, and it topples over. the driver is not trapped in
12:21 pm
this. it is a big cleanup and ms foot traffic. lots of steel. the road he was carrying, tons of steel, falling on the roadway. get this, nobody on the roadway -- a very busy time early this morning, nobody on the roadway below her. just after the noon hour. the worst possible time that this could happen, and miracle of miracles, nobody on that roadway below, but a lot of eye candy on the road as we watch the satellite remotes coming in. back to you guys. jon: fox news is following the health care countdown. the senate expected to vote on a controversial abortion amendment in a few hours. that will set up a showdown that could derail the president's laws. anti-abortion lawmakers in both parties insist taxpayer funds not be used to pay for abortions in government-run health programs. pro-choice senators say the
12:22 pm
amendment goes too far. joining us is an outspoken opponent of abortion, and he brings us up-to-date on where the battle lines are drawn. senator, so much confusion about this, whether the reality of the hyde amendment is reflected in some of his legislative language. where do you see that this stands? >> there were 300,000 federally paid for abortions before that amendment, so that is why it came about. we are trying to put it into this bill. why? because this is not part of the appropriation process. hyde has to be reauthorize every year. this bill will continue on its own, and if we do not have provisions in theire then this s a wide-open thing, and the language is very inadequate. almost everyone in the right to
12:23 pm
live community as popeye arms about it, and i am glad that senator nelson is willing to co- sponsor this with me. he has indicated he will vote against the bill if this amendment does not pass, and i hope he will live up to that. jon: do you see the possibility of the democrats do not necessarily have ben nelson's vote, do you see the possibility of them picking up a republican vote like olympia snowe? >> i really did not because they have not negotiated in good faith. the house committee bill, not 1 ounce of republican input. the house bill was a total democrat bill between the house. not one republican input. the senate bill now, the rebuilt, without one republican being asked to have input -- the reid bill. i would think any republican
12:24 pm
asked to co-sponsor this would say no way. they have not been fair open transparent, they have not tried to work with us, and if they cannot get 75 or 80 votes, you know it is a lousy bill, and this is one whopping lousy bill. jon: you mentioned the senate majority leader, harry reid. he had some interesting remarks about republican opposition. let's take a look at that, and i want to get your reaction. >> all republicans can come up with is this -- "slowdown. stop everything and start over." did you think you have heard the statements as before, you are right. in this country, when we recognize the wrongs of slavery, there were those who dug in their heels and said, "slowdown." when women spoke up for the right to speak up, they wanted the vote, some insist that they simply slow down. there would be a better day to do that.
12:25 pm
when his body was on the verge of -- jon: senator -- sitting -- senator reid seems to suggest that those who oppose health care are similar to those who opposed slavery and women's suffrage. >> that is extremely offensive. you go back to the civil rights debate, it was the republicans to help get it through. if you go back to women's rights, the republicans have always been there. you are talking to the person who did the americans with disabilities act. i could go on and on about how republicans have worked in all of these areas. that is offensive language. harry is a friend, but he should not have used that language. it is offensive, unnecessary, really a slap in the phase 2 republicans in if i think a slap in the face to democrats to use language like that, but to make this short, they are frantic. to compare this to civil
12:26 pm
rights, one side, a total democrat bill where every republican amendment has been slapped down, when we have six republican bills but we only have 40 votes, we know we cannot get them through, but they also know that there are a lot of areas where we could have had a bipartisan bill that would really work. everything from pre-existing conditions being covered by insurance to wellness and prevention programs that would work to making sure that we pay for these things and not take $500 billion out of medicare at a time when medicare has $38 trillion in unfunded mandates. what they are trying to do is push more and more people into medicare and medicaid and make this a total senior pairs system -- single payer system and make sure the government controls everything. they are even going to subsidize the cost of health insurance for people who earn $88,000 a year. tell me if that is the right thing to do.
12:27 pm
50 percent of this country do not pay income taxes now. they pay about 3%. about 40% get stuck with the government. they want to get the up to 60% said the majority of the country thinks that the only way they can survive as with the almighty federal government, and you cannot do that, and that is what they are doing. it is just awful. jon: senator, bring a little passion to the table next time we talk to you. >> when they use language like that, that is not only offensive. it is language that should never be used. those days are not here now. i'll tell you that right now. we are fighting for what is right here. jon: thank you. patti ann: the economy, afghanistan, and health care reform -- just some of the tough issues facing democrats, so how will be laurel democrats' fair in what is shaping up to be a tough fight?
12:28 pm
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12:30 pm
12:31 pm
jon: new violence in iran. we believe the pictures we are about to show you our new amateur video just in from tehran. people risk their lives to send this kind of stuff outside the country. thousands of protesters defying government warnings to stay off the streets. secured war -- security forces in turn firing tear gas. amy is live in our london bureau with more. what do we know about these protests? >> it has been hard to report on them because the foreign press, for sure, the iranian
12:32 pm
representatives of the foreign press have been told that for the next two days, they can report about all this, but they cannot go on to the streets, which, of course, makes it near impossible for them to send stories to us. what we do know is that thousands of people have come out in the streets. there have been some clashes with the police. there have been some arrests, and this is still in state. this is a day that every year is commemorated going back to a demonstration in 1953 in which three students were killed protesting a c.i.a.-backed coup, which took down the democratically elected prime minister, but the pro-democracy demonstrators have made this day their own, though there have been some protest government demonstrators out. there have been large numbers of students who have been chanting very bold slogans such as "death to the dictator", slogans
12:33 pm
specifically against the supreme dictator. they have done things like wade money at the paramilitary, screaming at them because the understanding in iran is that these pro-government youth groups are paid off by the government to go to demonstrations. jon: where does this movement stand in the face of the government crackdown? >> the crackdown has been fierce, and according to human rights groups, 100 students were rounded up in the last few weeks to try to keep this protest lower profile than it turned out to be, but from what i understand from speaking to a iranians, students are emboldened, and they are not going to give up to 50 up their protests demanding greater liberties, and we should see more of this later during the month during some religious festivals in which there will be large crowds of people in the streets anyway. jon: thank you.
12:34 pm
patti ann: the 2010 midterm elections could be an uphill battle for democrats in congress. the economy, the war in afghanistan, and health care reform -- just a few tough issues. putting senate seats into play. shannon is live in washington with more on this. how are some of these formal democrats in navigating these tough issues? >> we are talking about a lot of freshman year, democrats who may be won their seats for the first time. they have not had a chance to build a relationship with their constituents. it will be the most vulnerable. we talked to a freshman democrat who won what had been a longtime gop seat in new york, and a lot of folks view that area and the voters there as liberal and anti-war, but they told us when it comes down on cracking down on terrorists, sending more troops, said he could not go back to his district, home to one-third of the firefighters who died on 9/11, and tell them
12:35 pm
he would not support beefing up efforts in afghanistan. here is what he said. >> we do have to get the job done. we owe it as a sacred trust to those lost on 9/11 and to all americans who rely on the federal government to protect them, and that is why i stand in favor of the president prosy policy. >> he went on to say that he would never do that kind of issue through a political winds, and he would hope that his fellow lawmakers also would take that same position. patti ann: there is some talk about top democrats actually being ok with losing some seats in order to back the president's agenda. is that the case? >> there is some talk about that. the house speaker seems committed not only to the president's agenda but to first specifically as well. she is very results driven. some democrats went home and said they got a lot of push back from their constituents on it, and obviously, she will then deal the negotiated, got healthcare down on the house side.
12:36 pm
there's also talk that she has indicated to some that losing some seats could be a fair price to pay to get a big victory on some of these items. of course, she runs the risk of losing her speakership of democrats lined up losing too many seats. patti ann: what about health care? that will certainly be a top issue in 2010? >> is very delicate dance. if they manage to pull it off, it would be viewed as a major accomplishment, but with polls showing many americans are deeply concerned about how they will be impacted and voicing their concerns very loudly, they will not see at the same way. republican senator john cornyn says democrats are in a tough spot. >> they want them to kill this bill and to start over with a step-by-step addressing health care reform in a way that will bring down costs, but in a way, they are being asked by their leadership to walk a political plight, especially those going into the 2010 elections.
12:37 pm
>> this time next year, we should see how these particular issues played out in the race. patti ann: thanks. jon: a strong winter storm drenching southern california right now, closing roads and dozens of schools. it is the first wave of fierce storms expected to slam that area, bringing heavy rain and the threat of dangerous mudslides. phyllis in california near pasadena. what is going on there? >> that is right. by east coast standards, this may not be much, but it is a major problem here. behind me, you see the mountains. that is what burns. we covered this stage of fire for about a week straight, and all the vegetation is gone from those mountains, so the concern is that heavy rains will be run off, mud, debris, rocks down
12:38 pm
into these neighborhoods. the foothill communities, so homeowners here have been taking precautions. you see those rails, normally used for highways, behind me to try to keep him out of homes and houses. you see sandbags. people are filling up sandbags, the san provided here by the communities. people stacking sandbags in front of their homes, and these have been warned that should things get worse, they will need to evacuate. they are calling it a hard evacuation, no time for discussion. just be ready to go. it is hard to imagine, but the force of the mud and rocks coming down of these mountains -- it is incredible. it could punch right through the walls of these homes. the aftermath of the station virus, and the concern is that the lack of education are in those hills and mountains behind me, so that means that when it starts to slide, it will all come down into these neighborhoods. for now, this is the first day of it.
12:39 pm
we have not heard any problems. jon: what a mess. thanks. patti ann: this is just the first form expected to slam california this week. >> we are going to feel the results of the southern california storm moving into the southwest in the midwest and even the northeast in the next 48 hours. take a look at the radar. you can see the rain and mountain snow in some cases, one or two feet, and there are the temperatures -- pretty cold as we had in towards the interior section of california and then towards the higher elevations. 24 degrees, seven degrees, so they are jumping for joy about the snow, but as mentioned, all of this rain and nothing to hold the water on it is going to cause some concern, especially for mudslides. that is why we have our flash flood watch in effect for the next 12 to 24 hours as we could potentially see some mudslides, some debris flows, and his rock slides could potentially be very
12:40 pm
dangerous. as we had throughout the day today and i and towards the evening and overnight, that storm system is going to move on into the southwest. there are blizzard warnings for all of the four corners. wind gusts in excess of 40 m.p.h. going to blow that still around and cause for very treacherous fighting. as this storm system progresses, we are going to see the potential for blizzard conditions over the midwest and in towards the upper midwest, so we will follow this storm system as it progresses across much of the country. patti ann: fax. jon: it is one of the seasons must have toys, but there is a new warning out about one of the popular zhu zhu pets. could this be dangerous for your kids? we will take a closer look at the klan is next.
12:41 pm
12:42 pm
12:43 pm
patti ann: the u.s. consumer
12:44 pm
product safety commission is now looking into the hottest toy of the holiday season. zhu zhu hamsters flow of the shelves on black friday, and consumers still cannot seem to get enough of the robotic hamsters over the weekend, but over the weekend, a consumer products safety commission raised questions about toxic levels in one of the hands. this consumer group, based in san francisco, says a toxic chemical is found in unsafe levels in mr. squiggles. they say the federal standard is 60 parts per million, and they found 93 to 106 parts per million. why should parents not be concerned? >> ever since february of this year, toy companies have been required by law to be sure their toys comply with the stringent safety standards before they sell their toys here. the technology that was used by
12:45 pm
the organization in san francisco was admittedly not -- it is just a screening technology, and it is not conclusive with regard to the safety of the toy. patti ann: specifically, your association statement said that the testing does not differentiate between accessible compared to not accessible components of the part. in other words, it might have those high levels inside the toilet where it cannot be inhaled. >> that is possible. exactly. the consumer product safety commission standards are very well developed to ensure that children are not exposed to any hazardous chemicals. patti ann: good guys says it found 90 parts per million in net fur and 106 parts in the nose. those are not internal parts. >> i cannot speak to specific instances. i know there are very intense investigations going on right now to ensure that that toy conforms with safety standards, and i feel sure that that company along with every company is making the same determination to be sure they do
12:46 pm
not put a product on the shop that does not meet standards. patti ann: the authorities say that inhaling high levels of it can cause lung and eye irritation, heart and lung problems, gastrointestinal stress, including stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting, also is. some also see cancer. and the good guy report says that the product may contain tailing, some things we want to take our three delay from our kids. parents are so confused right now, hearing things like this. how can they be sure? >> this is exactly why we have these stringent safety standards. we do not want to expose any child to any hazardous chemical ever, and that is why the standards are put in place. that is why companies are required to test to the standards, and that is why the consumer product safety commission requires companies to certify that the toys have been tested. jpatti ann: the manufacturer released a statement saying --
12:47 pm
and they go on to say that the toys are in compliance with government and industry standards. we always hear the argument, though, that even the government's standards in some cases, some people feel are not stringent enough. >> the standards were developed over some years and had just been made complete federal law, so companies have to abide by them, and indeed, the record of toy safety has just been extraordinary over many decades. patti ann: thank you for joining us. jon: the jewelry business is taking a hit in this recession, but one diamond retailer hired 90 people in just the last two weeks, all headed the holiday proposal season. we will tell you about a bright spot in the economy next.
12:48 pm
can your body wash nourish this deeply? the moisturizer in other body washes sits on top of skin. only new dove has nutriummoisture... which can nourish deep down. new dove body wash with nutriummoisture. superior natural nourishment for your skin.
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patti ann: new developments in the case of a missing georgia mom. the georgia bureau of investigation is set to all the news conference this afternoon. sources say the recent escape of the north carolina woman from it would be a doctor may lead to a break in the case. she disappeared in august while walking near her parents' home in northern georgia. jon: fox news is on the job hunt. finding a diamond in the rough economy. most jury is a tough sell -- most of jewelry is a tough sell right now, but online diamond retailer is
12:52 pm
expecting about 27% growth in the fourth quarter of this year. thanksgiving sales far exceeded expectations. dan springer is alive for us in seattle. i guess i am surprised that people buy a diamond rings online, but i guess these numbers tell the facts. >> admittedly, i have been out of the diamond ring buying business for a while. i did my 19 years ago, but it is not surprising when you find out people are going on-line, seeing the selection of diamonds on line, but they are not actually holding it and seeing it, but i have to tell you -- there are some big diamonds being purchased online these days. this one here that i am holding -- you have to take a look at this thing -- this thing as 5.62 carats. a guy in the chicago area -- i will not say exactly who or where this baby is going -- paid $76,000. this thing is going out today. this is an example of the
12:53 pm
diamonds that people are purchasing online. you mentioned that blue nile has seen their sales gaap -- go up. are making this jury, sending out, and this is a very critical month for them, but as we are seeing other retailers in the shops -- more than 1000 jewelry retailers have closed. we have seen bankruptcies in the brick and mortar jewelry store industry rise 60% in the first nine months of this year, so blue nile is doing something right because they are offering better prices they say than what you can get when you walk into a store because they do not have that overhead to pay out. jon: bergen mortar store had that overhead. big months for retailers, but what about the jewelry business? -- brick and mortar stores have that overhead. >> this is about 20% of the engagement ring season, said they expect about 500,000 guys to be popping the question this month alone, so it is critical
12:54 pm
for the jewelry business, and here at blue nile, they say they have about 4.5% of the $5 billion engagement ring industry, and they say that share is going up every year as people get more and more comfortable buying rings on line. jon: dan springer. somebody is getting a nice present. thanks. log on to for some information on jobs and the latest reports of which companies are hiring and where. you can click on our land. you can find more on jobs, including a map showing where our foxes reporters are uncovering the newest opportunities and some of the challenges people are facing -- where our fox news reporters are uncovering the new opportunities. patti ann: government regulators are set to make a major new announcement here at home. what the environmental protection agency is set to announce about greenhouse gases and what business leaders say it could do to the economy. . . so many arthritis pain relievers --
12:55 pm
i just want fewer pills and relief that lasts all day. take 2 extra strength tylenol every 4 to 6 hours?!? taking 8 pills a day... and if i take it for 10 days -- that's 80 pills. just 2 aleve can last all day. perfect. choose aleve and you can be taking four times... fewer pills than extra strength tylenol. just 2 aleve have the strength to relieve arthritis pain all day.
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patti ann: bargain hunters flocked to stores on friday, but did shoppers save on online deals? >> we are halfway through the holiday shopping season and online spending is up 4% from last year, according to comscore. the hottest items added to the carts, the electronic devices, like e-readers, laptops, and other items. facebook it is beefing up their advisory board to do with internet safety. the website has also teamed up with 49 state attorneys general to protect kids from online creditors. now to twitter or even tumbler's
12:59 pm
can tweet. -- toddlers can tweet. one company preprogrammed the buttons on a baby's going to send preprogrammed messages. right now, i am headed upstairs to post my show. i hope that you can click and say hi. jon: that does it for us. see you tomorrow. "the live desk" starts right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute juliet: hello, everybody. juliet: hello, everybody. trace:


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